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Global Emerging Markets in Transition

Global Emerging Markets in Transition
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"When few thought the Soviet empire could ever break up, Vladimir Kvint predicted and advocated the withdrawal of the russian Repuublic from the U.S.S.R. ...Kvint's articles in Forbes on events in the Soviet Union have been close to prophetic."
—James W. Michaels, Editor, Forbes Magazine

This is an extraordinary book that provides unique insight on a dynamic topic from one of the most presistent experts in the area. The title - The Global Emerging Market in Transition - points to the dramatic and continual changes that are in progress. Vladimir Kvint provides an exciting and multidimentional understanding of the issues by blending his own experiences with keen analytical observations. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants full understanding of emerging markets, whether from an analytical or practitioner perspective. This book has the rare distinction of being highly informative accessible and anjoyable."
—Sharon P. Smith, Dean, Graduate School of Busines, Fordham university

"As the global financial system becomes interdependent, emergig markets ahve become the primary drivers of market volatility anad crisis. Dr. Kvint's compendium covering 25 years o work writing on emerging markets — including a special focus on Russia -- will be a useful resource for the executive wanting to develop practical strategies and tactics for success in our complex global marketplace."
— Lawrence A. Weinbach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Unisys Corporation

"A compendium of the work of Vladimir L. Kvint, Global Emerging Markets in Transition: Articles, Forecasts, and Studies is an essential guide to understanding the intricacies behind global trends and emerging markets.

Starting with the explainations and definitions of global trends classifications of different perspectives of emerging markets, and the general understanding of the nature of modern global emerging markets, Professor Kvint moves the reader through the current emerging markets in Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America, providing analyses and forecasts. He then presents an in-depth analysis of today's largest emerging market - Russia. Professor Kvint stresses the importance of Russia's move from a Communist comand system to a free-market economy, and how this will affect the business community politically, socially, and economically.

Dr. Vladdimir L. Kvint is Professor of Management Systems and international Business at Fordham university Grauate School of Business and College of Business Administration in New York City. He is a member of Board of Directors of PLD Telecom (New York) and Vice Chairman of ELBIM Bank (Moscow). Dr. Kvint is also a life-time member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciencesand the Bretton Woods Committee. Born in Siberia, he has published numerous books and articles on economics, manegement and political economy.

— Fordham University Press

note: the review contains outdated information on Dr. Kvint's current occupation. Please see Professional Activity for current information.

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723 pp.
ISBN 0-8232-2349-3
Fordham University Press,
New York